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Boost Your Annual Sales with Our Email Marketing Services

Though a traditional approach, email marketing has been a leading tool for drawing organic traffic since the early days of World Wide Web. Now, with our proficient Email Marketing Services at 9Dzine, your online venture is sure to get the best deal this season.

Email Marketing as you know:

The primary principle of Email Marketing is to make your customers aware of any new service, offer or discount that your company is providing. It is a necessary step to draw target customers and escalate sales of a venture.

At 9Dzine, we ponder on similar specifics and approaches with the exception of categorizing email marketing into separate steps.

Step 1: In this step, we get a list of all the products your company is looking to market or broadcast. This gives us a clear idea of the volume of marketing necessary.

Step 2: With the help of JavaScript, Photoshop and Coral Draw, we device highly attractive email banners for your customers each of them precisely meant for a target group.

Step 3: Our email marketing agency in Mumbai deploys the emails to your customers keeping a close record of the number and volume of broadcasts.

Step 4: By issuing regular follow-ups and adapting more niche marketing strategies, we ensure that your email marketing campaign is a success.

Note 1: Efficient email marketing accounts for 64% of total clients received by any ecommerce company while 34% of them record a successful conversion rate.

Note 2: The success rate of email marketing depends a lot on its time of release. As per sources, correct timings accounts 97% success rate through emails.

Why 9Dzine?

As one of the Best Email Marketing Company in Mumbai, 9Dzine promises a number of benefits which keep us ahead in the game.

  • Highly efficient designs meant to attract target customers.
  • Immaculate marketing timings and strategies ensuring guaranteed success.
  • Regular monitoring of your emails with necessary follow-ups as and when required.
  • 24/7/365 customer support.

So, escalate your annual turnover by accessing our expert email marketing services at 9Dzine. Rest assured to receive the best quality service from our end.

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